I reprogrammed my IExplore (iexplore.exe) and OutLook (msimn.exe)
to 1/3 of the size, and both work INCREDIBLY WELL, and
I never understood what it could have in the rest I removed!!!
And I removed many others applications, DLLs, DRVs, and etc., doing so, I made a PORTABLE WINDOWS that works very well.

PORTUGUÊS - clique aqui!

DOWNLOAD - Recorder.exe and Write.exe: English - Português

-Drag the application to Write.exe of the old Windows 3.1
-Look for 3 lines like in the picture below, and cut "DELETE" everything that is under those lines. There are many but always in the same formation like in the picture. The three consecutive lines in the picture below!

-It's  better if you give a DIFFERENT NAME to the application, to prevent certain humbugs in the OS Windows, that may inform that it is incompatible.
With a different name the careful Windows don't even care, don't warn or anything. My IExplore.exe became Talnet.exe.
With the Msimn.exe  I didn't needed to change the name, the OS didn't complained a thing...
A joke this Microsoft Corporation!
-If the application doesn't run, look for the next THREE CONSECUTIVE LINES.
And, that's it... you just removed about 70% of the size of the application.
Of stuff that no one knows what it is!

Message to the Microsoft Corporation: Mr. Bill Gates, the Justice of your country depends of your source-codes, and keep begging you... but here in Brazil this is a piece of cake. We are creative!

Yours Truly, Marco Nunez

International Terrorism | WRITE.EXE - the frightful one