If it can arrive... "and on a confused world they had been heard, in all the cities, the steps of the Beast. And given to all the signs...only that that could perceive perceived. And only fought, the ones that to everything had abdicated"

...to the codes of the Corporation O C@T recomenda Marco Nunez.

Internet Explorer 4.xx

More flexible, faster and smaller!

Here, an IExplore 4 of 30K, the one I prefer To navigate.

All you gotta do is to click the ZIP, To download it to the Desktop, and... To navigate!


Not rename the TALNET.EXE to IEXPLORE.EXE, or you will be receiving fake warnings that it is incompatible! Use it as TALNET.EXE. 
ACKNOWLEDGMENT  : it may not function in machines that had installed version 5, or higher, of the IExplore.

Gift:Outlook 4 with 10K (the original has 40k)

My Directory of the OutLook Express 4.?

With original MSIMN.EXE renamed for ANTIGO.

MARCOOK.EXE took the MSIMN.EXE name .


You will notice the absence of icon in the executable.
It was the icon that occupied 30K?!


Little memory that will occupy, greater flexibility will bring to you.

New! -> Windows ME

Know the easiness in handling the most feared application for Microsoft!

Write, the frightful one

"Open codes!  Clearly that the codes of the Windows are opened! 
Only that for a minority in the planet, that gains much money 
with as much - 
aperture  - "
(Prof. Alvaro Fleet  Ufba )

These files were reprogrammed using codes of the Microsoft Corporation. So they are not useful for the commercialization:  The Copyright  belongs TOTALY to the Microsoft Corporation. It is only destined to exemplify to researchers
 and authorities, the investigational power that we would have if the Marco Nunez, researcher, had support
and a team: the OFFICE could be dissecated; identifying the damages, curses, jokes and other things that are known
that were in secrecy been inlaid in the dependences of the Corporation.